Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello, Again!

I am alive! The kids and I have been trying to enjoy a little bit of summer while I have been working at the same time, so we have been resembling on of Gibson's bouncy balls -- back and forth between our house and the beach. Half the time we don't know if we are coming or going, or where we are spending the night from one night to the next.

We still aren't seeing too much of Brad, and I am sooooo past ready for life to return to "normal." I am tired of the single parent thing. I am also trying to be patient, because I know the longer Brad works long, hard hours, the longer he is making money -- but that doesn't make life any easier, really.

The end does seem to be in sight, though, so that is a good thing! Maybe these dark circles under my eyes can finally go away! Just in time for school to start...

The house is coming along nicely, we have some birthdays coming up in our house, we have some friends coming to visit soon, and a lot more going on to blog about -- hopefully I can get back to it now! Don't give up on me!!

(All of these pictures are from waaaaaayyyy back at the beginning of the summer, and for some reason, half of them didn't upload to Blogger...grrr...)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All I Want for Chrithmath...

Look who lotht her two front teeth!!!

Sanders lost the first top tooth quite a while ago, and the second one has been dangling for weeks now. Many people volunteered to pull it for her, but Sanders said that she wanted to wait for her daddy to pull the tooth. Last night we went to visit him, and the two of them huddled in the bathroom together, and she pulled it herself! She was so proud and excited and wanted to call everyone she had ever met -- you would have thought it was the first tooth she had ever lost, and not her fourth.
Today she is talking with a definite lisp. She got in the car this morning and said something about the "theatbelt." I kept asking her to repeat it, and she did so, patiently, until she realized that I was just messing with her. Then we all laughed and made her say lots of words that have the "s" sound in them.

I am sure that she will have her two front teeth before Christmas, but for now, we are enjoying singing "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" in July! (Now try not to sing that all day!)
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