Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School

The kids started school last Wednesday, so that means that we have been back to reality and routine for a full week now.  We have had time for some of the newness to wear off, and the kids are realizing that we are actually back in school. You know, homework has started.  Mornings are early (really early).  It's not all fun and games.

Summer is so much cooler.

Tyler - 4th Grade

Sanders - 2nd Grade

Gibson - Kindergarten

But!  There is something to be said for being back in school with all your friends -- definitely no boredom around here anymore!  There is something to be said about that old routine that gets everyone up and going in the mornings -- no more laziness!  And we have so much to look forward to with this fall -- football games, trips to Clemson, birthday parties, field trips, lots of holidays, lots to learn, picking back up with our Bible group, a few more waterskiing weekends before it cools off.

Okay, school days aren't so bad...

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Susan said...

Precious back to school pics. The newness has worn off of the bus riding already, too as you could see this morning! Hope THAT doesn't become routine...

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