Monday, December 21, 2009


Welcome to my new blog!

Chances are if you are here, then you got here by way of my other, private blog. However you got here, though, thanks for reading! This new blog started from a post that I wrote on my old blog (I posted it on this blog below for you to read it if you haven't) that was the result of a sermon I heard in church one Sunday.

In short, those of us who are Christians are called to bear fruit for the Lord. We are supposed to do what we can to advance the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. We are called to witness both by word and deed about Jesus Christ and what He has done in our lives. Before hearing the sermon that Sunday, I knew all of this, but that day it really hit me -- am I doing all that I can do to bear fruit?

I realized that even if I was not doing all I could, then I could definitely start. I also realized that if my post on my private blog could make an impact on my invited readers, then it could probably also make an impact on others. However, I couldn't reach any others because my blog was private.

So why not just go public? Well, the main reason is for privacy. I had been public before, but I had too much information about myself and my family in the blog; the result was a phone call at home from a reader. The caller had totally innocent reasons for calling, but The Farmer (my husband) and I decided that someone with not-so-innocent intentions could just as easily find us. So, I went private right away.

In order to keep my private life, well, private, I will not be posting personal information on this blog. I will go by a nickname (which I haven't decided on yet...) as will all of my family members: The Farmer is my husband, Miss Priss is my six-year-old daughter, Sassy is my four-year-old daughter, and Bubba is my two-year-old son.

I hope that you will join me on this journey as I attempt to bear fruit for the Lord. It should be an interesting ride...

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