Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogger of the Year

I have just been the best blogger lately, have I not? I mean, I have been johnny-on-the-spot with a new post each day chock full of witty, charming stories and cute pictures or great recipes or fashion advice or many, many other interesting bits of information for y'all.

Really, y'all should be honoring me with Blogger of the Year, I have been so good -- no, great -- lately.

(Okay, that was a joke.)

I have hardly had time to think, much less post anything, so I just thought I would pop in while I have a second to let you know that I am still case anyone is still reading....

(are you there?)

And we still have not closed on our house.

It would be laughable if it wasn't so darn irritating.

And I have hardly seen my kids or husband lately. I have seen my kids more than my husband, but I still haven't seen them much. I see them for a bit in the mornings, but I usually get home after they are in bed. I miss those little buggers. I miss The Farmer, too. Talking to him on the phone just isn't the same, especially because we don't have a phone in our farm house, and he gets terrible cell reception there.

But, anyway, I am still here...

I will be back...


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