Friday, June 18, 2010

Not Gonna Be Pretty

In anticipation of being in the sun and out on the water -- and basically anywhere other than stuck in this packing house -- I recently ordered these two bathing suits from Anthropologie:

Buttercup Top/Bottom

However, they came today, and now I am afraid to try them on.
See, I have recently lost some weight that I have been desperately trying to lose (and that I had no luck losing with Weight Watchers). But, here at the packing house, we have a cook because none of us has time to go home to eat, much less cook ourselves something. In the first week that we have had our cook (she started about a week after we started packing tomatoes this year), we have had fried chicken twice, fried pork chops once, and bacon three times (for BLTs and other things).
The other night we had spaghetti. With fried chicken.
And vegetables? We aren't really eating those.
It is not good for my waistline that I worked so hard to get down. And it won't make for a pretty picture in my new suits.
So for now, I think I will just admire them in the box...


Cherry Blossoms said...

I love both of those suits! I am sure you will look great!

Casey said...

You will (already do) look great!! And they are cute suits! I'm dying to know what you dis to lose a few pounds... PLEASE share!!!!!

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