Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prayer Request

Today at 2 am our time, and 2 pm their time, my dad arrived in China for his first mission trip.

I meant to post this in time for y'all to pray for him on his flight over there, but I never got the chance yesterday.

Daddy will be in China for about two weeks travelling all over the country and teaching English to children, which is really kind of funny, because when he gets to talking to some of the guys on the farm, I wouldn't call what they are speaking English. ;-)

He and one other man from our church are with a group from another church in town. The other man from our church went about a week earlier, so Daddy went over there with a group of people he doesn't know. He was a little nervous about the actual trip, the food, and being in a country where the people aren't free like we are here in America.

Anyway, I know that he will do great on this mission trip, but I would love it if y'all could keep him in your prayers until he gets back on the 28th.


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