Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Come and Mourn

O come and mourn with me a while; all ye now come to the Savior's side;
come see the One who frees us all; the Lord of Life is crucified.
Have we no tears to shed for Him, while soldiers scoff and foes deride?
Upon the cross He bears His pain, the Lord of Life is crucified.
Seven times He speaks, seven words of love; His silence too, cries out to all.
His words of love our hearts receive. The Lord of Life is crucified.
O love of God, O sin of man, in this dread hour true strength is found.
It is with love we triumph still.  The Lord of Life is crucified.

I hope on this, the holiest day of our year, you have come into contact with the crucified Christ, and His Sacrifice on your behalf has stirred your heart.  Happy Good Friday.

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