Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Supper

I feel like I have been talking about food a lot lately.  Which is probably why I need to lose about three pounds before I put on a bathing suit in front of anyone.  But that is a depressing thought, so let's move on...

I made the best dinner the other night.  I had been wanting to try this recipe since seeing it on Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, and it did not disappoint when I finally got around to it...

Summer Corn Cakes with Tomato Avocado Salsa
(probably I should copy the recipe here, but it's too late, and I'm too tired...just click on the link...)

We, of course, added some fresh blueberries on the side, because no meal is complete at our house these days without fresh blueberries.  AND, I tried my first blueberry cobbler, using my peach cobbler recipe and just substituting blueberries.  It was really good.  I immediately had to take it up to Brad's packing house to get it out of the house so that I wouldn't eat every last bite, which is why I don't have any pictures of it... I would love to know if anyone has a good recipe that is meant for blueberry cobbler.  It's all in the name of research!!

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Ashley said...

Oooohhhh! This recipe sounds wonderful! Thanks for all the recipes lately. I've had more comments than usual from the boys and Greg about my cooking! Keep them coming!! ; )

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