Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today's iPhone Pics

Today has been a doozy...just one of those fun, nothing-goes-great days.  But, let's just not dwell on that...instead, here are some pictures I snapped with my phone today:

Hunt and I went walking around the Back Field today, so I checked in on the baby maters, and they are growing like little weeds (although I guess that doesn't really sound good, does it?!?!)

I have started making my own, very delicious, almond butter from a recipe I saw on Tasty Kitchen, or at least that's where I thought it was, but now I can't find it to link up.  It's almonds in the food processor until they turn to paste, sea salt, and honey.  That's it.  And did I mention that it's delicious?

I got my hair done today and decided to go blonde for the summer.  And I ended up with this non-color:

I am trying really hard not to be depressed about it, but I hate it.  It isn't blonde, and it isn't brown.  It is somewhere in between, and it is ugly (hence the ugly faces in the pictures...and we won't even talk about the baggage under my eyes...).  I may just wear a bag over my head until I can go back on June 23rd.  

So...that's my day in a (very small, leave out most of the annoying parts) nutshell.  Hope yours was lovely.


Mary Loyal said...

your bangs are so cute!!

you need to do a house tour! i'd love to see pics!

LP17 said...

I think it is a nice almond color...just smile and think of your hair when you are making that butter, girl.

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