Friday, September 7, 2012

The Keys, Part 2

Lobster season started Monday, August 6, just after we got down to Islamorada.  To say that Brad was determined to find some lobster is probably a pretty good understatement.  So, bright and early Monday morning, we headed out on our lobster finding mission...

And the weather was not exactly perfect, but we were going out anyway.

We didn't find lobsters the first day (or even the second), but it did give the kids plenty of opportunities to practice their snorkeling.  Unfortunately the water was a bit rough, and therefore muddy, so they didn't get to see as much as they usually could have had the water been nice and clear and smooth.

One of the only drawbacks to the house was that there wasn't a dock for the boat.  However, we kept it at the Days Inn marina not a block from the house, and it was the least expensive marina around as well -- a win-win.  There were a couple of huge iguanas that hung around the marina.

The beach at our house was a nice, large place for the kids to play.  It was shared with the house next to ours, which is basically connected to ours and owned by the same people who owned our house.  If you had a really big party it would make sense to rent both houses, but they had them built in such a way that if your parties were separate, you really couldn't see the people next door.  The pool behind Gibson in the picture below belonged to the neighbors.

Sanders is our little scientist/nature lover, and she spent a lot of time out on the beach looking for shells and whatever wildlife she could find.

This is the view of our pool from the beach.  It definitely isn't as pretty looking at it this way as it is looking from the the pool side out over the beach, but I guess that is one drawback to an infinity pool.

As they say, the third time's the charm...we got lobsters!  Or, I guess I should say, Brad and Joe got lobsters!!

Brad got someone at the Days Inn marina to teach him how to clean them up, and so he did that once we got back to our beach.

And then we grilled them up for lunch with some butter and lemon -- talk about fresh catch!  They were delicious!

More to come!


Natalie said...

Your kids are so cute! I love their blonde hair and tans--they really do look like little island natives! :)

I love the Keys; y'all are so lucky to spend some time there. Thanks for sharing!

Hickory said...

Can you send a link for the place you rented? Looks great! My family is heading down for the month of January and we are currently looking for an oceanfront home. Thanks!

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