Wednesday, October 13, 2010

St. Simons, Part Dos

For part two I am just doing a photo montage because it took me forty forevers to get these uploaded on here last night, and then I was too tired to add any words. I was really hoping to have 3 posts in 3 days for the first time in who knows how long, but that was just too ambitious of me...So here you go this morning!

I just love these three of Bubba and Sassy because they are so ridiculous with Bubba in his purple, sparkly sunglasses!

Okay, I will add some words...We did go to the beach a little bit at St. Simons. For kids who live at the beach, it was hard to get them to want to go to the beach on vacation. Having a pool in our courtyard was much more appealing to them than having to take a short drive to the beach, but we did force them, against their will (just kidding), to the beach at least once...

Miss Priss kind of looks like a teenager in this one and the next one of her, and it depresses me...

Sassy got a kite for her birthday from her Aunt L and Uncle A, and the kids loved taking turns flying the kite. The kite was shaped like a butterfly, and Sassy's dumb mommy (although I will say that I was not the only one -- many other beach goers did, too!) mistook it for a stingray as it flew over the water! So that is the random string that the kids are all holding onto in the following pics...

The Mud Monster:

A cute baby bottom:

Miss Sassypants on a mission:

Joni and her chillens:

Pouty McPouterson:

Future husband and wife:

The little nut, EC:

The gang's all here!:

Stay tuned for Part 3 (yes, there will be a Part 3!), in which I will show you the adorable t-shirts I got for all of the chillens from Smitten & Company!

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