Wednesday, October 27, 2010

House Decision #1

The Farmer and I finally decided on a contractor. We actually decided before we left for Disney World, but we just got around to signing the contract tonight. I tell you what, if every decision during this process is like the contractor decision, then I'm just not going to have any hair by the time the darn house is finished.

This is stressful.

Luckily The Farmer took care of telling the other guy that we had not decided to go with him. I couldn't have done that.

So, now we have a contractor, and The Farmer has had some guys out on our property knocking down trees where the house is going to go. They have also been clearing the road and digging out a pond in a low spot on the property (it was either dig a pond or have a swamp when it rains, so we went with the pond option), and we will use the dirt from the pond to fill in where we need it.

I had hoped that we would be a lot further along in this process by October 27th, but I sure am glad that we are getting started. It is exciting to see work going on out there! I have some pictures on my camera that I need to upload and post, but I'm not sure you can tell much at this point!

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