Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The Farmer and I took the kids on a surprise trip to Disney World this past weekend!

A couple of months ago, The Farmer came home and told me that he had to go to a big trade show in Orlando called the PMA. His idea was to take the whole family along and for me to get my parents to meet us down there to help me take the kids to Disney while he was at the trade show all day. I love Disney World, so I was immediately on board, and I knew that my parents would be, too!

A couple of days before the trip, I started telling the kids that we had a big weekend planned, but that was all that I was going to tell them about it. The day before the trip, my mom gave me a bunch of cute little signs that said stuff like I know where you are going tomorrow! and I am going too, and we will have a great time! and I am very excited! and I put those out at the breakfast table before school on Friday. We sent some very excited kids off to school, ready to be picked up at 11:45 with more clues as to where we were heading.

When we got the kids in the car, I started playing some Disney songs on my iPod, and it didn't take long before the guessed where our weekend destination was, and, boy, were they excited! I was never so ready to get out of the car as I was by the time that we finally made it to Orlando. Three very excited kids and a six hour car trip don't mix very well -- especially when you add in five o'clock Orlando traffic!

But, we had a great trip. Two days at Disney World is definitely fast and furious -- and very tiring with three little ones -- but I am very happy that we went. Disney really is a magical place for kids, and I love to see it through the eyes of my kids. I have a lot of pictures to post tomorrow, so stay tuned, but for now, I need to go rest and recover!

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