Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Easter Pics

Sorry for the rush of posts in one day, but I am trying to catch up!!

Over Easter, we had an Easter Egg Hunt at our cousin, Cilla's house:

We dyed eggs and then hunted them at Grandmama's house (in our undies, of course!):

We attended a Baptism of a sweet friend, Mary Cabell, and a cousin, Grey, and Tyler also made her First Communion. I don't have any pictures from Maundy Thursday, the night of the actual First Communion, because we were, as usual, in a huge rush to get to the church. It was a wonderful service, though, and Ty did a great job. I can't believe my firstborn is old enough to be making her First Communion already!!

The Easter Bunny visited, of course! (I don't know why this is underlined...Blogger, you make me angry sometimes!!)

Ty helped flower the Cross at church:

And, on a side note, my dad was telling us at lunch today that a total of 1712 people attended Easter services at our church on Sunday. Our church was started in the year 1712 (next year is our 300th anniversary)...pretty cool little fact, huh?

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