Monday, April 18, 2011

In the Middle of a Watermelon Field

I know that I have mentioned that we live in a watermelon field, but I wanted to show you that we do, in fact, live in the middle of a watermelon field.

I give you Exhibits A and B:

These are the view from my deck. It is a bit hard to tell from these pictures, but those strips of black are the plastic that house the baby watermelon plants that will soon grow into big watermelon plants. In fact, if I lie in my bed and turn my head to look out the window just right, I can see watermelons (or watermelon plants, rather).

So, on weekends in June when the kids and I are taking a break from tomato world to come home to see Brad, we can wave out the window to some watermelon pickers as they are out in the field working. It is going to be awesome to have 200 total strangers in my yard.

There you have it: reason #1246 I am ready for my house to be completed!

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