Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boys Will Be...Crazy

I took the kids to the J.Crew outlet on Sunday, and it tooks us an hour plus car ride to get there. Gibson slept the entire way, and I had to wake him up once we got to the store. In order to keep the peace, I gave him my iPhone so he could play games while the girls and I browsed.

After we had an armful of clothes, the four of us headed back to the dressing rooms to try everything on. Of course, the large dressing room was unavailable (it probably had all of one person in it), so we all had to squeeze into one tiny little dressing room. The girls and I were all trying things on, but I knew better than to ask Gibson to try any of the clothes on that I had grabbed for him, so he still entertained himself with my phone. At one point I looked down, and Gibson was lying on the floor, halfway in our dressing room and halfway in the hall.

He was taking pictures of the people waiting to get into dressing rooms!

Then, he jumps back into our dressing room, and said, in a really loud voice, "Mommy, I just took pictures of people I don't know!"

Great...So, not only was he being a Peeping Tom, but he also decided to announce it to the entire store. At least, to my knowledge, they don't call the police on 3-year-old Peeping Toms; we'll just have to work on that before he gets older!

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Ashley and Greg said...

Hilarious! Boys will be boys! Thanks for sharing! = )

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