Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Gibson is finally old enough for swimming lessons this summer, so all three of my chillens have been taking lessons this month. Ty got one week of lessons, and the younger two are finishing up their second week -- although they are a little over it at this point, so I am not sure if that was a wise decision on my part, or not.

Sanders is doing really well with her swimming. I just wanted her to brush up on everything she learned from last year...

Gibson needed the lessons the most. He has no fear when it comes to the water, and would just jump into the deep end with no consideration that he could not actually swim. Thankfully, he is doing pretty well now! He seems to have regressed a little in this second week, but I think it is in protest...

He has even gotten to where he will jump off the diving board -- but only if his goggles are on!

Tyler's focus in her lessons this summer has been to learn different strokes. She is a pretty good little swimmer.

And...she learned to dive! She is really proud of herself for this!

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