Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Christie, and I'm a Planner-a-holic!

I know we are halfway into January now, so most of you probably already have your planners for the new year, but I had to post about these anyway.  I realized that I have some kindred spirits in my love of all paper products with my recent post about the return address stamp, so I thought I would tell y'all about another product to which I am addicted -- my planner!

I love a new planner!  I love to get a new planner and write down everyone's birthdays and anniversaries and every appointment that is already set.  There is just something so exciting about a totally blank, new calendar.  

Right now I am using two -- one for home, where all family members can catch up on everything that is going on in our lives, and one that I use for my daily, take everywhere planner.

My at-home planner is the Home Office Edition by momAgenda.  It is 9"x11" and has both monthly and weekly formats for writing down all of your important info.  And, each weekly page has a slot for each child -- up to four children -- in your household.  I guess if you have more than four kids, you just need to hire an assistant to keep all of your family appointments straight!!

For my daily, take-everywhere planner, I am using the Erin Condren Life Planner.  It has everything you can think of in it -- monthly calendar pages, weekly calendar pages with slots on each day for morning/noon/night, notes pages, etc.  I am really liking this one!!

 I like that both of these planners are spiral bound so that my appointments on Wednesday and Thursday don't run into the crack of the page -- I have always hated that about regularly bound planners (and, yes, I have put a lot of thought into it).  I also like that they both give plenty of room for writing down appointments each day -- I don't like for everything to run together.  I have seriously gone through some planners in the past couple of years, and I really like these two!

If you haven't already gotten a new planner for this year, what are you waiting on?  Go out and try one of these!  And if you have, keep these two in mind for next year!

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Pinot after Playdates said...

that is so true about wed and thurs, I had never thought of that!

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