Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Mailbox

First of all, I don't even want to talk about that train wreck that was the Orange Bowl last night.  It is almost comical we were so bad.  I don't know this girl, but I saw this link to her blog on Facebook, and she said a lot of what I feel in this post -- however, I would like to rant and rave about football, and I did watch.  I care a lot about how well we Clemson does, so I've been in a bad mood today.

But that's enough about that.

The real reason for this post is because I wanted to talk about lettergirl.  I saw her Etsy shop on another blog probably a couple of years ago now, and I committed her to memory because I knew one day I would want one of her cute return address stamps.  Now that we are going to be having an actual mailbox (although Brad told me tonight there might be problems with that because our mailbox will be a mile from the closest mailbox on the route...lovely) and a permanent address, I want to buy one of those stamps I have been holding off on.

Now the problem is just going to be deciding which one to get!

I also really like the "From the Library of" stamp:

Hmmmm....decisions, decisions...any favorites??

**all images via lettergirl on Etsy


Tommy, Erica, Addie Kate, and Andrew said...

2 things - that fellow Clemson girl could NOT have said it better. I may print it and frame it!

And #2 - I love Lettergirl too. And we too are moving and I've been holding out and chomping at the bit to buy one of her stamps.

Good luck with the house and the move. I wish I were as close to our move date as you are!

Natalie said...

I LOVE all of those!! All of them would look so pretty on cards and letters.

I'm also a Clemson alum--goooo tigers!

Happy to be your newest follower!


Ashley said...

Thanks for the Lettergirl info! I'll have to check her out on Etsy!

Lynn Corbin said...

Thanks for sharing! Paper, ink, address labels, etc. are my favorites!

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