Friday, January 13, 2012

Theme of the Week: Business Trips

This past week (starting last Friday) has been full of trips for the farms -- both mine and Brad's.

Friday we started out in Savannah, Georgia, for the SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference (click on the link, and see if you can spot Brad!).  Hunter, our Uncle Mac, and I attended Friday classes at the conference, and Brad and his family were going to classes all weekend, so we stayed the weekend at The Westin right by the conference center.

Friday night we rode the ferry over to River Street to meet up with Hunter and Joe and some friends, Molly and Joe, to go out to dinner and drinks at The Bohemian Hotel. The Bohemian was a really cool place, and I would love to go back and stay there sometime.  The food was good; the rooftop bar was really cool -- I liked it all!

Saturday Brad went to classes, and then the two of us had a little time to ourselves, which was really nice.  We went out to eat Saturday night at Leoci's, a great Italian place suggested by the concierge, as an early celebration for our anniversary (January 12) -- and as we were walking up to the restaurant, we ran into my parents' best friends!  Small world...

Sunday we headed home to find:


On Tuesday, Hunter, Graham, and I headed down to Sarasota, Florida, to meet with our new sales team for the farm.  Although our farm is a family business, our sales is outsourced, and we decided officially in December to make a change in our sales department that had been a long time in coming.  We will probably be making some software and other changes to go along with our sales changes, so we went down to Florida to learn about our new sales team and how they do things.  However, we made a little stop along the way:

To the happiest place on earth, of course!!!  We went for a short detour to Disney, and after wearing new shoes and walking around for three and a half hours, I have the worst blisters you have ever seen.  I am about crippled, not to be dramatic or anything.  But we had a blast while we were there and got in some great family bonding.

We got home late last night, and today Brad, the kids, and I are off to our state watermelon association meeting...the business trips continue!  Have a great weekend!

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