Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rejoining the 21st Century

Hello again! My last week has been filled with moving and trying to fit in work as usual and feeling a little like we are caught in this:

A big black hole...

We have had no tv, internet, phone, or cell service.  We live in the middle of the woods, and it has been very quiet around this new house.  It has been sort of nice because it has given me the opportunity to crank up my music and get a lot of unpacking done with no other distractions.  However, any time I get anywhere with a bit of cell service, I get a lot of messages and texts that say something like Where are you?  Why can't I get in touch with you?  This is ridiculous!!  Stop ignoring me!  It seems I've fallen off the face of the Earth -- unless I go in Tyler or Gibson's room and stand by one of their windows, stand on one foot, contort my body in some weird way, hold my mouth just so, and sometimes I can get a text through...sometimes.

Now we have our tv and internet back up, and hopefully my cell phone booster will help with my cell service.  We saw the phone guys sitting in their truck outside of the phone box out by our road yesterday, and I don't know if they thought they were going to hook up the phone telepathically, but they certainly didn't seem to actually be hooking anything up -- I just love dealing with service people. 

The house is coming along, though, and I feel like we are really making progress.  That is, I feel like we are making progress until we go back to the old house and see all that is still over there, and then I get really depressed at the mess that still needs to be sorted.  And we have a ton of boxes that we never opened when we moved from our old town, so they have been boxed up for a year and a half.  I have found some great things that I had forgotten we had, like the sweetest little pottery handprint ornaments from when Ty was 4, Sanders was 2, and Gibson was 3 months.  We have found some nasty things, like an old coffee maker that had a moldy, nasty coffee filter in it!!!  Yuck! 

Oh, moving is fun....

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