Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This afternoon I babysat for my sweet niece, Coco (obvs not her real name...). My kids loved playing with her, and they all loved posing for pictures. Seriously, when I pulled the camera out and started shooting, Coco started smiling like crazy -- she already loves to have her picture taken at 3-and-a-half months!

(Please excuse Bubba's Oreo mouth...)

Coco behaved perfectly for her Aunt Christie. She slept most of the time I had her, even while I transferred her from the swing to the infant car seat for carpool pickup. She woke up and drank a bottle while we were waiting for Miss Priss and her friend, Walker, to get out of school, and then she was totally fine with me putting her back in the car seat. She was really excited to get to the house so that she could watch her big cousins entertain her!

It was really nice to have another baby in the house for a bit...but it was also nice to be able to give her back to her mama! ;-)


martha - caknitter said...

She's such a cutie, but so are her cousins. ;-)

Trish said...

Those are some absolutely gorgeous children and one seriously beautiful baby girl! I can imagine the kids had a great time playing with their little cousin. How fun that she already likes getting her photo taken! :) Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Elizabeth Sanders said...

Thanks Aunt Christie!

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