Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little WW Update

I am still plugging away at Weight Watchers. I am also still not doing it perfectly; I stick to the plan pretty well during the week, but it all seems to fall apart on the weekends when I have no desire to cook. BUT, I have lost 4.8 pounds, so that is something...

I discovered a great trick to this weight-loss thing last week.

I gave up sweets.

I have a huge sweet tooth, and every day I would need to taste something chocolate. From M&Ms in my aunt's house (where I have to go to print checks for work) to the Hershey Nuggets in my own house, I always seemed to be eating something sweet and chocolate. I often wouldn't count those as points, which did me no good whatsoever.

Once I decided to give up sweets, I stuck with it really well -- and quickly dropped 1 pound -- until this past Friday when I tasted a brownie.

And I immediately got a headache.

So, in addition to helping me lose some weight, the no-sweets plan is also helping to keep my migraines at bay, praise the Lord!

Now I just have to stick with it...


I'maNolaGirl said...

Good for you!!!!

martha - caknitter said...

Congrats on losing 4.8 pounds!
Sweets are my downfall too :-(

paula said...

sweets is what do it for us. I've had 2 since the beginning of January. I do not even miss them:)

Mary Loyal said...

go girl!

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