Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's my pleasure to introduce to you...

Hello Grow readers! This is Jen from I'm a Nola Girl, and I have the extreme pleasure to share with you a little introduction of my dear friend, and the author of this blog, Christie. As you may know, Christie is the daughter of a farmer, the wife of a farmer, and the mother of three lovely children (the youngest of whom often spends time on his tractor pretending to be a farmer). Perhaps it is her family's true appreciation of the earth and the goodness it creates that makes Christie the perfectly grounded person she is. Christie is someone whose roots are deeply planted - in her friendships, in her family, and in her faith.

Friendships - Christie is my number one fashion guru friend. She has a simple but very elegant style with a taste for fabulous footwear. She has a quick whit and a tremendous sense of humor and she blushes when she laughs. She is not someone who blabbers meaninglessly, when she shares her ideas or opinions, they are thoughtful, purposeful, and meaningful. She is fun and spunky and loves country music. She is an amazing cook and a huge Clemson Tiger fan! She is kind and open-hearted and truly sincere. Christie is the best thank you card writer I have ever known. She writes the kind of thank you notes that you save so you can re-read then when you've had a bad day. Christie is the kind of friend I hope to be.

Family - I think it is clearly evident when reading this blog, that Christie's family is her greatest treasure. She is one amazing daughter, big sister, aunt, mother, and wife. I don't know how Christie does it! She so gracefully balances being a dedicated employee, an active member of our community, and a wonderful and loving wife and mother. Christie and the Farmer are absolutely the cutest couple. They are always laughing and smiling and sharing funny stories, and when children are surrounded by that kind of love, it is no wonder they are as great as Miss Priss, Sassy, and Bubba. Christie would do anything for her family, and isn't that all you can ask of someone. Christie is the kind of mother I hope to be.

Faith - As someone who struggles with where I am on my faith journey, I am so inspired by Christie's humble and well-founded faith. Her genuine faith in God and His presence in our daily lives is overwhelming. She is a true believer who sees God in everything, and I see God in her. She brings His message to life through her actions and through her words in a kind, gentle, and understanding way. Christie is the kind of faith-filled person I hope to be.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know my dear Christie just a little bit better. It truly was my pleasure to introduce her to you!!!




Margaret said...

I couldn't have described her better, Jen!! I love the part about how she blushes when she laughs--so very true! :) I feel blessed to be one of Christie's BFF's!

Cherry Blossoms said...

What a beautiful writing. I do not even know you and I am already inspired to try and find more greatness in my life!

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