Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Family Picture

I think I mentioned back in the spring that the people at BiLo sent a photographer down to The Farmer's farm to get some advertising pictures of the family. We posed for pictures, and then I never heard anything else about them. When The Farmer's blueberries were in BiLo I looked around to see if maybe a picture happened to be up in the store, but I never saw one.

So, I have no idea what BiLo ever did with the pictures.

But, I did finally get to see one the other day:

Do you notice who didn't get the memo about wearing khaki on the bottom?

I don't even own any khaki, so I guess I wouldn't have been able to wear any even if I had gotten the memo...

All in all I think it is a pretty cute picture. My face (and the rest of me) is a lot rounder in the picture than it is now, but you probably can't tell that unless you blow the picture up -- which I am sure you won't do unless you have tons of time on your hands.

Anywho, that is The Farmer's family picture, courtesy of BiLo...

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