Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We celebrated a couple of birthdays over my summer blogging hiatus, starting with Sassy's fifth birthday on August 2nd! We were in St. Simon's on vacation on her actual birthday, so we had a little celebration for her there. We got these three adorable cakes from the St. Simon's Sweet Shop:

However, this was how Sassy was feeling on her birthday:

She just didn't have the best day, poor thing. She got a rash from her bathing suit. She got a fat lip from I-can't-remember-what. And she ended the day with a tummy ache, and that was before the cake! Last year she was sick on her birthday, so she is on a roll for not-so-great birthdays...

Because of our vacation and move we didn't have an actual birthday party for Sassy this year, but we had a family celebration when we got back. Luckily Sassy was feeling better for that little shindig:

I can't believe that my Sassy girl is 5 -- she is just growing up too fast! She is a big Kindergarten girl now and learning and growing more and more every day, and she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. My sweet, sassy girl...

We also celebrated Bubba's birthday, but I will share those pictures tomorrow and my depression over my baby being a big boy!

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