Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home Building: Pictures of Progress 2

I know I showed y'all a picture of the front door the other day, but I wanted to share some more pictures of the progress of the house. You can see previous pictures here and here. Remember, the house is sort of shaped like a backwards "L."

Front door (the corner of the "L"):

Looking from the front of the house at the kids' rooms:

Carport (something y'all haven't seen before!):

In the picture below, the carport is to the left. The door that you see goes into the laundry room, and those two windows are over the sink in the kitchen. The kids' rooms are to the right. This area is going to be a little courtyard with hopefully some sort of hardscape where the kids can play and we can have little get-togethers. The yard will be on the other side of the house.

Looking at the kids' rooms from the courtyard side:

I really need to get a different lens to take these pictures, because I can't get far back enough to get a nice, wide shot with mine. We are in a very wooded area, so it is hard to get the whole house in the picture! However, you can sort of piece together the idea.

The house is coming together so nicely, and I have got to get myself in gear with my plumbing and lighting. I have both of my orders practically finished, but I need to get them completed -- and I was supposed to do that last week. It is really hard to get everything checked off my list for the house when I am also completely insane with work and everything else, but such is life, I guess...

I'm just so ready for it to be finished!

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