Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Want to Win! (and Last Week's Menu)

I am a product junkie.

I am also a shoe junkie, clothes junkie, jewelry junkie.  Heck, if it has something to do with something I can put on myself, I am that kind of junkie.

Anyway, there is a giveaway over on Blue-Eyed Bride for this new eye shadow by BareMinerals.  I have used BareMinerals in the past and would love to win this new product of theirs to try out, too.  And you should join, too!  (Or not, then my chances of winning would be better!)

This eye shadow is called READY, and I think it looks great -- look at all of the color combos it comes in!

Oh, I hope I win!

In other news...my menu:

As usual, I just cooked a couple of things, but here they are:

Chicken Tortilla Soup: This is a great soup and great for fall.  It is also not too shabby as far as calories and fat and such.  And the taco chicken recipe that goes in the soup?  YUM!  I put more tomatoes and a little less chicken broth.  I would rather a more tomato-y and less broth-y soup.  I guess it is the tomato farmer in me.  It is not thick at all -- I just add one more can or so of tomatoes, so it is still a really broth based soup (I am not making any sense here...), but just more tomato-y.  Get it?  

This makes a lot, so invite over lots of friends, or plan on eating lots of leftovers!

Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili: I have to admit that I was hesitant to make this.  I mean, it has "pumpkin" in the title, and Brad does not like pumpkin.  But Margaret assured me that you couldn't taste the pumpkin, so I made it.  And she was right -- it was delicious, Brad loved it, and he never noticed the pumpkin (until I told him after he finished the chili and then he got mad at me and told me he was going to secretly feed me liver!).  I did use ground beef instead of turkey, though, because ground turkey is against my religion...or something like that.  Or, really, I just don't like it.  

I will definitely make this chili again -- although next time Brad probably won't eat it since I let him in on the whole pumpkin secret...

Anyway, have a great week!  And go check out the giveaway!

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