Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mommy Is Going Crazy, Thank You For Asking...

I have sick kids -- three of them.

Tyler and Gibson have been sick since Friday, and Sanders has been sick since yesterday.  Ty has double ear infections, chest congestion, headaches, cough, sore throat.  Gib has chest congestion, cough, sore throat, headaches, and tummy aches.  Sanders has just started with the chest congestion, cough, and has an ear infection.  So we are now on three different antibiotics and facing constant whining.

These are fun times around our house.

But my favorite part of the day yesterday was when we got stuck at the CVS -- yes, stuck.  Gibson managed to lose the car key in the store.

We got to the store to get our prescriptions filled and were told that it would take fifteen minutes max to fill everything.  Since we weren't going to get to go trick-or-treating, we picked out candy for our own little Halloween party, got some other little toiletry things that we needed, and then went to wait in the pharmacy area for our medications.  After what seemed like forever and a million "When are they going to be ready?" questions, they had our prescriptions filled, and it was time to go -- or so we thought.

I remembered that Sanders had wanted to hold the key when we got to CVS, and for some dumb reason, I allowed her to hold it.  I asked her for the key, and she didn't have it -- Gibson had snatched it from her earlier.  Of course, Gibson didn't have it either.

It had disappeared into thin air.

I made the kids take me back to where they were when they last remembered having the key, and we looked around for it, and it wasn't there, so I marched them back to the pharmacy waiting area and told them to sit there while I went searching for the key.  I looked up and down every aisle we had been down on my hands and knees multiple times, moving things, looking in between things -- no key.  I asked the people at the cash register and at the pharmacy if anyone had turned in a key -- no key.  I even looked outside to see if the car was still there -- it was.

Finally, after about fifteen minutes or so, I resigned myself to the fact that the key was gone, and I called Brad to go by the house and get the spare key.  While we waited for him, I continued to look for the key, all the while my blood pressure was rising higher and higher.  However, the Lord was looking out for my children, because about five minutes later, they called me to the pharmacy, and someone had found my key!

I have never gotten out of there so fast in my life (after thanking them profusely)!

On the car ride home, I was trying to take deep breaths and remember that the kids weren't feeling good, that I shouldn't have given them the key in the first place, and that I didn't need to yell and scream at them.  But, it was hard to stay mad when I got home and got a note from Sanders:

She melted my hard heart.

Today we are still stuck in the house and back to driving each other crazy, and if we don't get out of here soon, it isn't going to be pretty...  Hopefully everyone will be all better tomorrow!

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