Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We were supposed to go trunk-or-treating with some friends last night, but we couldn't be around other people, so that was out.  The kids were really disappointed, so we decided to make our own fun...

I got pictures of everyone in their costumes before we went to the doctor:

We went to Ya-Ya's house to trick-or-treat.  Ty decided against dressing up -- she wasn't feeling that great when is was time to go, so she went as herself.

After going to Ya-Ya's, we went to the housing on the farm and passed out candy to all of the men who work for Brad.  I don't think Halloween is a big holiday in Mexico, so I think they were all a bit confused, but they enjoyed getting some candy from our dressed-up gang!  And our kids actually enjoyed giving out candy more than they missed getting candy -- they decided that next year they want to go hand out candy at the nursing home.  I am not sure that they will go for that at the nursing home (and who knows if the kids will even remember when it gets to be that time), but Brad and I were proud of them for coming up with the idea.

It turned out to be a pretty fun Halloween when we thought it was going to be a disaster -- and we even got in the bed at a decent hour!  Happy Halloween!


Mary Loyal said...

their costumes were really cute even if they didn't get to be worn for too long! hope everyone is on the mend quickly!

Susan said...

Glad y'all got in a little Halloween fun! Hope everyone is feeling better. I love the idea about passing out the candy. That was always my favorite part of Halloween as a kid. Maybe the girls could do something like that next year too since we don't get many trick or treaters out our way! How sweet that they came up with the idea themselves!

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