Monday, November 7, 2011

Future Farmers...and a Watermelon

We are all still coughing at our house -- and by all, I mean all.  Brad and I are now coughing, too.  The kids feel okay enough to go back to school -- or at least Tyler and Gibson did last week, Sanders did not, and they were off today -- but this illness, whatever it is, has really thrown us for a loop.  Our house has been a whiny, tired, un-fun place for the last week and a half.   So, I haven't felt much like blogging!

But, I wanted to share these funny pictures with y'all tonight.  We took these a while ago -- before the PMA.  My sister-in-law, Angela, did a calendar to hand out to people at the trade show, and she put pictures of the kids in it.  She came over to our house one afternoon, and we staged some "summer" shots and then some "fall" shots for the calendar.  My favorites are the ones with my niece in the watermelon costume.  She looked absolutely hilarious!

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I'maNolaGirl said...

Precious! That costume couldn't be any cuter!!!

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