Friday, November 11, 2011

Birchbox: Super Fun!

Margaret knows that I am a total sucker for anything that has to do with beauty products -- she is, too -- so she knew that when she signed up for this new (or new to her) program called Birchbox, that I would be all about it, too.

Birchbox is a program where you pay $10 and receive a box of beauty samples each month.  It is always something different, and you never know what you will get.  You just fill out a little survey when you sign up about your skin condition, hair color, eye color, and what type of beauty products you buy most -- and then you just wait for your first box!

This is so fun because it combines two of my favorite things -- getting a package in the mail and beauty products!

My first box came the other day:

Inside it has a list of all of your samples for the month and how much they would cost should you want to buy the full size (which I guess is the idea behind sending the samples):

My goodies for the month:

Here is what I got:

1. Lavanila: The Healthy Body Butter in Vanilla Blossom + Lavanilla: The Healthy Baby Lotion

2. Mama Mio Skincare: Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer (It says "Don't be fooled by the cheeky name -- this award winning cream uses collagen-boosting CoQ10 and nourishing shea butter to keep skin youthful."  Who doesn't want youthful skin?  Especially as we (I) are getting into our 30s?!?)

3. Tay: Cucumber Day Moisturizer with Mango Butter

4. Zoya: Nail Polish in Izzy (a really pretty hot pink sparkly color)

Treat: Chuao Chocolatier: Firecracker Chocopod

Margaret and I compared our boxes, and we got totally different stuff -- she got a mud mask, a lip gloss, and I can't remember what else.  I think it is fun to know that they pack different boxes for different people.  It is nice to know that we don't all get the same products each month since we don't all have the same skin and hair.

If you would like to join Birchbox, you can go straight to their website, OR you can leave your email address in the comments, and I will send you an invite!



Susan said...

very cool! I may have to try it!

Anna Jones said...

this sounds super cool! would you send me an invite?

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