Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Boyfriend Jean

I have to say that the boyfriend jean isn't a trend that I thought much of until recently. I think (thought) it can look pretty sloppy, and I am not into sloppy (although you probably wouldn't think that if you saw me in my yoga pants on a daily basis.).

And then, I saw someone who pulled of the look perfectly. She looked adorable, and everything changed for me as far as the boyfriend jean.

What do you think?


Alle said...

I have mixed feelings about them too. Let me know how it goes! I am not into the sloppy look, oh wait, I don't shower until 1:00 anymore.....

Kayla said...

I am obsessed with my boyfriend jeans. I bought a cheapy pair from Target at first to try the trend but I've since bought a more expensive long lasting pair! They look great dressed up or down. Especially for someone who describes their style as "casual chic" like myself.

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