Friday, April 9, 2010

The Dream Has Died...Or Has It?

I was in the J.Crew outlet about a month ago doing a little retail therapy, and I tried on a pair of their white matchstick jeans. I immediately had a problem. I loved the idea of white skinny jeans -- they would look great with a cute top and some cute sandals in the spring and summer. However, the matchstick jeans were doing nothing for my thighs. I attributed that to the cut of the J.Crew jeans (a lot of their pants are cut kind of slim through the thighs -- which is a place where I am definitely not slim), and decided that I would find myself a pair of white skinny jeans that worked.

My friend, LP, and I went to Atlanta the next weekend, so one of our missions while we were there was to find me that pair of skinny jeans. And I must have tried on 15 or so different pairs, but the result was the same every time: they didn't look good through the thighs.

I left Atlanta thinking that my dream of white skinny jeans had died. I decided that I could get away with a darker skinny jean, but the white ones just made it too obvious that my legs look like drumsticks.

But I just can't stop thinking about those white skinny jeans...

Maybe I am just a glutton for punishment, but I can't help it. I want to find the perfect white skinny jeans for me! I am thinking about trying these two pairs from Lands End Canvas:

(I am not sure why LEC is only letting me get butt shots of the jeans on here...I tried to get a better shot for you, but I don't have that much patience...the post before this took me forever because the internet went out last night, and I had to rewrite most of it today...blogger isn't my friend today.)


I know that the top pair are not skinny jeans. I have some white jeans that are long and cute with heels, so I am thinking that maybe I will be satisfied with a boot cut white jean that I can wear with flats (?!?!?!) so I may give those a try.

The bottom pair are LEC's version of the skinny jean. I think I may try them so that, if they don't work, I can at least say that I exhausted all possibilities.

So, have any of you found any great white skinny jeans? Is that perfect pair out there? Or should I just give up the dream once and for all?


I'maNolaGirl said...

While I really like my regular skinny jeans, I think that the darker they are the more flattering they are. I can't seem to find the perfect skinny whites either!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help you! I have been on this same search and trying to find these in a short leg...well, impossible! Good luck and hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Cherry Blossoms said...

I am searching for a cute pair of white denim jeans as well. I can't pull off the skinny look whatsoever but they are adorable when I see them on others. Good luck!

Anne said...

I've heard great things about the LEC denim line. I can't do a white jean - it's half physical (hello, hips!) and half mental. Total roadblock. I like the first pair best for that reason, but I've also heard that Gap's Long & Lean white jean is a great option. Keep us posted!

caknitter said...

I say keep looking. You'll come across a pair of jeans that will fit perfectly.

Katy said...

Liz Ann had the cutest white jeans at WASH tonight though they were not skinny jeans..maybe shoot her an e-mail to see where she got them?

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