Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parent/Teacher Conferences and a Leprechaun

Last week I had parent/teacher conferences at Sassy and Bubba's preschool. I was a bit nervous about both conferences. First, at Sassy's fall conference, I learned that she was a little behind the rest of her classmates. She has an August birthday, so she is one of the youngest kids in her class, and it was definitely showing in the fall.

However, this time the conference went great! She is totally ready for Kindergarten. She is sounding out small words, math is coming easily to her, and she is doing great with her letter/number recognition and her writing. I learned that she is a born performer (who would have thought that?!?!) who regaled the class with song after song by Taylor Swift after we went to the concert.

My favorite story from Sassy's conference, though, was when her teacher told me that, at the beginning of the year, she asked Sassy what season it is when it is hot outside. Sassy's answer?

"Tomato season!"

Now that is a farm girl!!! And, boy, is she right...

I was worried about Bubba's conference for a totally different reason. He has just recently started going into school without crying. I have had to stop dropping him off -- the babysitter has to come early to take him to school so he won't pitch a fit at drop-off. He was spending a ton of time in time-out, and it seemed like every day there was some story about how he had run through some child's blocks or he had done something and had refused to apologize, etc.

I just knew I was going to go in there and hear about how the boy needed anger management training or something.

But, his teacher went on and on about how great Bubba was doing and about how whatever we were doing at home was working and how Bubba had just had the greatest turn around. I was so excited.

My favorite part of Bubba's conference was when his teacher told me that all of the kids in his class call the color orange Go Tigers because of him -- he calls everything orange Go Tigers. She said that she and the other teacher have had to start calling it Go Tigers Orange so that the kids will at least know that the word orange exists!

I am sure all the Gamecock parents love this!

My MIL had Sassy and Bubba in the grocery store last weekend, and they saw a little person. Bubba said "Hey YaYa, look at that little man!"

Sassy looked at Bubba like he was nuts and said "No, Bubba, that's not a little man, that's a leprechaun!"

I don't think the little man heard the kids (actually I have no idea; I hope he didn't hear!), but my MIL about died on the spot. She couldn't get out of the store fast enough, she was laughing so hard.

I just love to hear about the things my kids say and do! They are nuts!

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emboogie said...

This made me laugh so loud and hard I woke my mother out of her sleep. Im still laughing and can't stop. - Emily

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