Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Radio Silence

Well, hello there!

I know, I have been gone for a while. The Farmer and I have been moving. I would have warned you, but it took me by surprise. You see, I was planning on moving this coming weekend, but last Friday, The Farmer called me up and said "Christie, I am on my way home with a U-Haul, and if you want any help from me with our move, it will have to happen tomorrow."

So we got busy moving.

And I did a lot of crying.

And now we are living amongst a lot of boxes at the beach house, a lot of mess at our old house (which, as I see it now, has no end in sight to the moving), and a lot of boxes at our farm house. Basically, my life is surrounded by boxes and all those final things I have to do before the closing next week.

And I am so behind on work and sleep it isn't funny.

And I am the Social Chair for my Junior Service League, and I am hosting an end-of-the-year party tomorrow night.

So I just might be a little stressed out.

Right now the kids and I are staying with my parents. We don't have internet at the beach house yet, so we are staying here so that I can catch up on work after the chillens are in bed, and I am getting there, slowly but surely. But, I may not be around much until I whip my life back into some sort of control...

Until then, I'm still here, and I hope y'all are doing just lovely!

1 comment:

megan said...

i hope all will feel normal soon.
kiss those babies. and remember how lucky u really are even when it doesnt feel like it.

take care. megan

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