Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camera Phone Pics!

I thought I would do one of those really fun and exciting posts where I show you all of the pictures that I have taken recently with my phone...
First, on the 4th (of July, that is) a bunch of us got together at my in-laws' beach house to watch fireworks. Before they all started, we spent some time playing out on the beach. This is my SIL, Elizabeth, and you can see my dorky self and my brother in the bottom left (I was showing him my cool app):

One random Saturday, Brad and I had to take all three kids appliance shopping for the new house -- that was a barrel of fun. They were pretty well behaved, though, so we treated them to lunch afterward, and Gibson took a weird picture of Brad:

One day while the kids were with the sitter, they met up with some friends and all got some face painting done!
We spent a lot of time at the beach toward the end of the summer (I can't believe it is the end of the summer..part of me is sad; part is happy). I got some normal pics and some groovy ones:

We had a much-needed, very relaxing, grown-up only boat day with some of our silly friends!

Tyler and I got our eyes checked and both had to get our eyes dilated. She had to wear these funny paper sunglasses-things under her glasses because she didn't have any real ones to protect her eyes when we left. She looked hilarious!

And then we had Sanders birthday. We spent the day at the pool with Margaret and Ben, and their kids. Margaret bought birthday donuts for Sanders, and even put candles in them!

So, that was really fun, huh?

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