Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crabbing! (But Not Catching!)

A week or so ago, Brad took a day off of work, and we took the kids crabbing. It was their first time crabbing, and mine, too, and we were all excited about a little family time together out in the boat.
We were all excited, that is, until the kids realized that crabbing is hot and requires a lot of patience -- which is something that is not in their vocabulary. Brad finally got the chicken tied on the string and the string tied on the sticks, and we stuck the our bait in the water. And the kids wanted to immediately pull it up to see what we caught. And then they wanted to check the lines every five seconds after that.

When they realized that it was going to take a little bit of time to catch a crab, the kids decided that they instead needed to drink every single drink that we had (that was not beer) on the boat in ten minutes. And eat every single chip. Which, of course, was all we had on the boat to eat.
Aside from being a great photo op (though these pictures were taken with my phone, so they are showing up a bit blurry for some reason...) and some good, quality family time, our crabbing outing was kind of a bust. We caught zilch. Nada.
The kids even tried a little fishing, but we were just on the wrong tide for everything that day. So, we will have to try again -- and next time we will be more prepared!

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LP17 said...

For a split second I thought Gibby was wearin a Georgia hat. I was floored...and mistaken. ;)

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