Friday, August 19, 2011

Praise the Lord, It's Friday!!!!

Wow, we are only one half-week into school, and I am exhausted. So, today, I just have some random thoughts...
:: Have you read and/or seen The Help yet? Both are really good, so if you haven't done either, read the book, and then go see the movie!

:: 5:45 a.m. comes really early for a non-morning person like me. That is what time I have been waking up these past three school mornings. Ugh. It is especially early when the dang dog has been barking outside our window all night. Sometimes I want to shoot that dog.
:: Our friends Jen and Mark come to visit this weekend! I haven't seen them since I went to New Orleans for Jen's 30th birthday last November -- and now Jen has a baby bump! I can't wait!
:: I know people are really crazy about their coffee, so I might step on some toes here -- I mentioned before that I had made PW's Iced Coffee, and that it is delish. Well, I went to Starbucks while the kids and I were out getting some school shopping done the other day, and I got an iced latte. I don't get to Starbucks much because we don't have one around here, but I have to say that my iced coffee (okaaaaayyyy, PW's iced coffee) that I make at home blew theirs out of the water. Seriously.
:: Listen, don't come messin' around our house at night, trying to get into our stuff...we are armed and dangerous, even in our sleep:
(obviously this is just a toy gun...)
Okay, have a happy weekend!!!


caroline said...

hahahhaha. I LOVE the picture of Gibson. How funny!!

Micah said...

i am having a hard time w the early time! and it was only 2 days!!!!

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