Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my chickens. Tyler is in third grade this year, Sanders is in first, and Gibson is in K-4 -- where is the time going?
I followed in the tradition of torture that my mother put us through and her mother put her through...sign-holding:

They aren't completely mortified by it yet, but one day they will be, just like I was!
The kids are riding the bus this year, and Gibson was really nervous about it. In fact, he flat out told us that he didn't want to ride the bus. So, this morning, when Brad and I had to take the kids to the bus stop (our bus meets at a central location), I was pretty nervous. My children looked so teeny tiny getting on the bus. I was that mom who got all teary -- and it was pretty obvious because Brad and I were the only parents to actually get out of the car at the bus stop. I guess we were also those parents who were new and didn't know the process!
In addition to bus nerves, Sanders has been apprehensive about starting first grade. She was worried about everything -- a certain friend not being in her class this year, being in a new room, being with a new teacher, reading to the Kindergarten kids when she's in second grade. You name it, she was worried about it. Every time I would try to calm her down about something, she would bring up another issue. Sanders is usually my brave girl, so having her get all worked up really made me apprehensive!

Tyler was the only one who was super excited about going back to school. She is ready to start a great third grade year! Thankfully one of my children wasn't worried!
Needless to say, I had a case of butterflies this morning just like my kids because of all of their worries. I prayed for them all the way to work this morning. I was very happy to hear a good report when they got back off the bus this afternoon -- and, by the way, they love riding the bus!
Here's to a great school year!

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Susan said...

Love the pictures. My girls LOVE the signs now, but I'm sure they won't later... Glad they all had a great first day!

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