Monday, March 19, 2012

Recent Reading List

I have been doing a good bit of reading lately, and I thought I would share some of my recent reads with you.

I have to start with The Hunger Games series.  I have seriously had my nose in a book for a week now as I devoured all three of the books as fast as I could while doing everything else that I need to do during the day -- work, take care of the kids -- you know the drill.  I am not sure why it took me so long to read these books, but I am glad that all three were out when I decided to pick up the first one so I didn't have to wait between books.  And the movie comes out Friday!!!

Dreams of Joy: This is the sequel to Shanghai Girls and is one of our Reading Club books this year.  One thing I love about Reading Club is that I pick up books that I probably would not have otherwise read, and this is one of those.  

Cutting for Stone: This is another Reading Club book, and one of the complaints among the ladies has been that there is too much medical jargon in the book.  While it is true that there is a lot, I didn't mind it at all and thought for the most part it added to the story -- some of it probably could have been left out, though.  

I've Got Your Number: I love Sophie Kinsella for quick, light reads (most of the time), and this book did not disappoint.  I read it in a day or so.  Very cute.

The Invisible Wall: Pretty good but way too long and dragged out. 

The Paris Wife: WHY did she put up with Ernest Hemingway?  This book makes marriage look so depressing...

A Bride in the Bargain: Deeanne Gist is another author whose books I will read for a light, fun read.  She is a Christian author, and I happened on one of her books in K-Mart, of all places, when I was looking through the paperbacks a couple of years ago.  Since then I have read several of her books, and they have all been good. 

Any good books I am missing out on?

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Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing this list--I've been eyeing a couple on here, and I'm glad to get an honest opinion.

And as for Hadley Hemingway--why would ANYONE put up with him!?!? He seemed majorly self-centered and cantankerous. As an English teacher, I have a love/ hate relationship with Hemingway and T.S. Eliot: I don't like them as people, but I am in awe of them as writers. Talk about a conflict of interest!

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