Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's Crazy, But I Love Him!

My son? Is nuts.

He growls all the time.

He turns anything and everything into a "gun" to get the bad guy.

He takes his mattress off of his bed at least once a day.

He always has his thumb in his mouth and his hand down his pants.

He starts to scream the second he gets told "no" for any reason.

He still screams when I drop him off at school. He has cried every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since Labor Day.

He walks around with constant bed-head.

He has worn his cowboy boots every day since Aunt Sharon got them for him for Christmas. He has 3 other pairs of shoes that go unworn.

He likes to wear his raincoat backwards which is fine until it's time to put the hood up.

He insists on doing everything his way.

He would eat candy or ice cream all day every day if I let him.

He has started biting again.

But he's still the cutest, sweetest boy on the planet! He is my baby boy, and I love him -- his crazy "boy-ness" and all!


Kelly said...

Such a description and a total boy...I kinda feel like I know him now!!! You have a gift for writing...and your family for your family shines through!

martha - caknitter said...

He sounds like a true boy. More power to him!
Good thing he's still a baby and not a teenager because I'v heard of a few bigger boys acting the same way. :-)

caroline said...

how cute!!! give him a squeeze for me (if you can catch him)!

Katy said...

He is sooo cute and sweet, the other day AK had her arms out for a hug from Sanders who skipped off to her class without seeing AK. Gibson marched right up and gave her the hug plus a big ole' kiss! Don't change a thing with the way you are raising him:)

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