Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something I Shouldn't Be Posting About...

So, as y'all all know, I am on Weight Watchers, so I am supposed to be watching what I eat. However, by the time Friday rolls around, I kind of have a breakdown and want something sweet. This past Friday I was craving cookie dough, and I remembered reading about Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies here on Life In Grace (a daily read). So I did some investigating, and that led me here.

Oh, boy. I shouldn't have gone there.

Because they definitely live up to their title.

I usually can make some dough, sample a little of it, then make the cookies and not eat them. These are a different story. I couldn't stay away from them. I finally ate got rid of all of them today. This is good news because those cookies were really tearing through my points!

The bad news is that I have been talking about them so much that my friend, LP, wants me to make them for her birthday getaway this weekend. And I can't just make them and not eat them!

Where is my willpower?

So if you aren't watching your weight, I highly recommend going to get the perfect cookie recipe! But you have been warned: they are addictive!

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Susan said...

sounds yummy! What kind of oil did you use?

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