Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The House! Pictures of Progress

I am really excited about the progress we are making on the house.  Since these pictures were taken, the contractor has gotten most of the siding painted on the outside, so we are looking more complete (although the inside has a ways to go) and less multi-colored!

Here is how it was looking about a week ago...

Front view:

Hardwood floors (unfinished and bad, evening photos)...we decided to go with 5" boards and are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that no warping will occur:

Living room/kitchen side:

(You can almost make out the curved wall in the previous two pictures)

Courtyard/carport side:

Random gawkers in the next few photos (also known as my family):

That concludes our home tour for the evening!  I will be back soon with some more sneak peaks...

**I didn't do Menu Monday this week because we scavenged in the freezer for dinner all last week.  I just never had time to do to the grocery store.  It was boring but inexpensive -- Mr. Spreadsheet was so proud!

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Katie said...

It looks beautiful!!! Will y'all be in by the holidays? I hope so...

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