Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sanders at 6; Gibson at 4

Yesterday Brad and I took Sanders and Gibson to their six- and four-year-old check-ups at our pediatrician's office.  I don't usually enlist Brad's help when I take the kids for their check-ups, but I knew that Gibson was going to get a fair amount of shots and I wasn't going to be able to hold him down by myself.  Plus, misery loves company, as they say.

Anyway, I wanted to jot down a couple of things about each of the kids so that I can remember what they were up to at this point in their little lives...


:: Weight: 46.5 lbs (a little over 50th percentile)
   Height: 45.16 inches tall (again, 50th percentile)

:: Sanders is this close to riding a bike without training wheels.  She has been working on it when we have been at the beach as we don't really have a good place for her to ride here at home in all of our soft sand.

:: Knows almost every word to almost any song that comes on the radio -- especially country music.  She loves music and loves to listen to her iPod.

:: Stopped sucking her thumb right after turning six, and, got her ears pierced as a reward! (At Wal-Mart of all places...much more to that story...)

:: Is very loving and kind and wants to be touching or hugging someone at all times. 

:: Is our helpful child.  Sanders is always the first one out of the bed -- at 6 a.m.!! -- and helps Brad get breakfast on the table.  She is always asking "What else can I do?" and helping out around the house without being asked.  We have started to wonder if there has been an alien invasion in our house!  :)

:: Is doing very well with reading and school work.  She isn't reading fluently yet, but I don't think it is going to be too much longer.  She has been rocking all of her tests that she has had so far this year -- I can't believe we have two kids taking tests now!

:: Is very interested in all things science (I have no idea where she gets that...ick).  She is really interested in bugs, plants, animals, etc.

:: Is a shell collector extraordinaire.

:: Really became a good swimmer this summer


:: Weight: 43 lbs (50-85th percentile...kind of a big range, huh?)
   Height:  43.5 inches (95-97th percentile)

:: Gibson is a very sweet boy most of the time, but he is also a very energetic boy.  His teacher reminds us that he needs to work on listening.

:: For a little while at the end of the summer, Gibson talked about himself in the third person..."Gibson wants ice cream!"

:: Has a cute (or at least I think so now...) lisp.  

:: Also knows almost all of the words to almost all of the songs on the radio.  He also loves country -- and Adele.

:: Is working on riding his bike without training wheels.  

:: Talks about how he turns into Spiderman, or about dragons making the house fly somewhere, or other totally ridiculous things like they are honest to goodness truth.  Is that normal?  Sometimes I wonder if he believes it...

:: Has learned a love of fishing.  Gib has gone fishing with his O'Daddy (Brad's dad) a couple of times recently, and he loves it -- especially because he has caught some big fish!

:: Is working on quitting his thumb-sucking habit.  He is almost there....almost.

:: Started swimming on his own this summer!  

:: Learned to waterski this summer, but he also had a fall that scared him and he hasn't done it much since.

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