Monday, January 10, 2011

Cute Ballerinas

I think I mentioned waaaayyyy back in 2010 that the girls had a dance recital right before Christmas. They both had a ballet and a tap number, and both girls did great the first night...that's right, the first night. We had to dance two nights in a row (I say that as if I was up there tapping away)! The second night, it was like they both forgot everything they ever knew -- but it was cute anyway.

I love to watch Sanders' age group. They are all up there, each doing her own thing. Their dances were really cute! Sanders had trouble staying "in a window," so I didn't get a good view of her for the most part, but here are some pictures...

Tyler's group, on the other hand, is just starting to get the whole dancing thing. They don't quite know all of the steps or remember exactly what move they should be doing next, but they definitely have it more together than the 4- and 5-year-olds. Ty was very smiley the whole time she was up there dancing -- she looked like a natural!

For Tyler's tap dance, they danced to "Run, Run Rudolph" and each girl wore antlers. Poor Ty's antlers fell off as soon as she ran on stage, but it didn't phase her. She just kept right on with her dance, and she smiled the entire time.

During the finale, the instructor had snow fall on the stage as a surprise for the dancers. All of the girls loved it. All, that is, except Sanders:

She was just ready to go by that point! And when we asked her a little later what she thought about the snow, she said "That wasn't snow! That was soap!"

The recital was really cute if not perfect ballet or tap form. I will be excited to see how much the girls have learned by the spring recital -- I am sure they will have improved greatly over the course of the next several months. However, I always think the most fun part of these recitals is to see the little girls standing up there looking clueless. As long as they are dressed up in their costumes and up on stage, they look pretty darn cute, no matter what.


paula said...

how sweet is this! cant wait for my ellie to start dance.

LP17 said...

Tyler is SO grown up. I just can't believe it. Sad and happy!

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