Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Monday: Well, Sort of...Not Really

I worked today, and I don't usually work on Mondays, so I didn't have my normal weekly menu planning time. And, I am feeling a little uninspired when it comes to our dinners this week. So, I will give you today and tomorrow because that's as far as I've gotten...I will give you the rest later in the week...pinky promise...maybe.

Monday: Bow-tie "Lasagna," and I followed Kate's instructions for making it a casserole. I also used the Barilla Plus pasta (they didn't have whole wheat bow tie) and low fat sour cream to make it a little better for us. It was delicious -- everyone in the fam went back for seconds, and Tyler has requested it for her lunch at school tomorrow.

Tuesday: Turkey paninis made with dill mayo and avocado -- really anything that sounds good on a turkey sandwich when I get to making them tomorrow night.

And that's where the wind gets out of my sails...

And now for some randomness:

1. This weekend was beautiful. I got outside for two nice walks around the field where our house is, and it felt great. I got really excited about spring.

And now we're back to our regularly scheduled program: cold and rainy. Blech.

2. I am in search of an eye cream. I need something that is going to make my eyes say "ahhhhhh, much better." Something really thick and goopy that I can put on them at night that will take away the dark circles and puffiness. Oh, and something to make me look younger and less wrinkly -- might as well start now, right? Anyone know of such a miracle?

3. My hair is falling out and my nails are breaking off. This is really a problem. I have always had really thick hair (although you can't really tell by looking at it) and really strong nails. And suddenly things have changed. My mom told me that I need to take Biotin, so I have been taking it like a madwoman, but so far it isn't helping. I. am. not. happy.

Okay, that's it. Peace out...


LP17 said...

Please share the eye cream suggestions with me! The crows feet and dark circles are more than I can bear... :)

Mandy said...

I am soooo trying that bowtie lasagna!!

As far as #3 goes, get your thyroid checked. Your levels may be off. Hope that helps!

STL Girl said...

Just stumbled upon your blog again! Did you switch the name? And did you ever find an eye cream? I am right there with ya on that one. :(

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