Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't Worry, Mom, I'm Not Gonna Do This


I have this problem with my hair. Well, okay, it isn't really a problem. I just like to fluctuate between hairstyles, and the problem is that the two hairstyles that I like are extremely different from one another. I either like my hair really, really long or really, really short. And the bigger problem is that I usually end up somewhere in the middle (which I hate) because I am completely impatient with the growing out process.

Are you bored yet? Do you want to go watch paint dry...grass grow...something?

Anyway, I have finally, after 3 painful years, gotten my hair to the really, really long stage.

(Exhibit A)

And, I have been happy with my hair. In fact, I never had a wistful thought about short hair. That is, I never had a wistful thought about short hair until this picture was posted on Pinot After Playdates of Ashley Simpson's new pixie:

And, well, that just got the old ball rolling. Since then, I have seen a ton of cute pixie haircuts that make me want to chop all of my hair off. Carey Mulligan has one of the cutest ones:

(pictures via

The thing is, I have had my hair that short twice. The first time was when I was in college (wish I had a picture to scan), and I looooovvvvved it. It was short for several years, and the only reason that I grew it out was because I met Brad and I knew I would want it long for me wedding (and, yes, I made that decision pretty much as soon as I met him).

The second time I had it that short was when I was pregnant with Gibson. And you know what they say -- never cut your hair when pregnant. And they are right, whoever they are. It was awful. I was fat, my face was round, and my hair just made me look terrible. Okay, it probably wasn't my hair that made me look terrible. It was probably the fact that I was really fat and my face was round, but my hair just didn't help -- short hair looked much better on me when I was a skinny minnie in college.

The fact is, that second time really scarred me (someone call Dr. Phil), so I would have to think looooong and hard about cutting all of my hair off again. Chances are pretty darn good it won't happen, but it is still fun to look at all the cute haircuts and think "what if."

The grass is always greener, right?


Kyndall said...

First of all, I adore your blog and have been reading it for awhile!,I believe my friend, Katy (sorority sister from Sewanee) babysits for you and Margaret whose blog I also read!(I think I saw in her in a beach picture).

I am having the SAME dilemma with my hair. I either have it incredibly long or short. I go back and forth. I am dying for a change and want to chop mine off too! The worst part of cutting it off is that a) my boyfriend will not like it very much b) I will see other people with long hair and wonder why I cut off mine c) miss being able to throw it up in a ponytail! haha

Thank you for posting such inspiring posts about your walk with God. I love your blog title and that it's what you do for a living and it's what you strive to do in your lives in Christ. It is so very true and I try to live each day with that purpose in mind, to honor Him.

Please check out my blog sometime!

Molly said...

Hi! I've read your blog for a while and have posted before, but I say cut it short. You are one of those (lucky) people who can totally get away with both long and short hair, and we're all jealous! However, I've always thought that people who can get away with short hair look sophisticated and striking!

Mandy said...

I say keep it long. But I do love short hair! I always go back and forth as well. I am currently in the grow it out phase. My hair is curly and I have never had it as long as yours. I am curious as to how the curl will look when it's long.

Pinot after Playdates said...

did you see the before picture I had of ashlee simpson? you clearly have MUCH more to work with, so dont do anything drastic :)

EVERY time I cut my hair I hate it, so I've pretty much had the same hair style since the 7th grade. Don't I sound interesting and dynamic!

Fran S. said...

I am your mother and I FORBID you to put us through that drama again!! Just kidding I love you no matter what your hair style.

Erin said...

you looked adorable with short hair when you were preggers with are so lucky that you have the ability to pull any hairstyle off! xo

Katie said...

I envy you for being able to pull off a pixie! I have been blessed (?) with broad shoulders and (to me) a tiny head...if I could pull off that style, I would be all over it! But, I often have the same dilemma...I cut mine off only to decide a few months later to grow it out. Guess it keeps things interesting, right??

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