Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Menu Monday (on Wednesday!)

I am going to start posting my weekly menus so that I can look back and see what I have or haven't cooked in a while -- I feel like I always get in a cooking rut in the winter. I am also always looking for new things to cook, so I love when other people post their menus to give me ideas -- so maybe I can help some of you by posting some recipes you've never tried!

I had my dinners all planned out for this week, but plans changed, and I haven't actually cooked until tonight. Monday night Brad and I ended up having a late meeting with our contractor, so my mother-in-law fed the kids and we ate leftovers. Last night was my MIL's birthday, so we had dinner at the in-laws' house. So, that leaves the rest of the week...

Tonight: We were supposed to have Asiago-Crusted Pork Chops and Broccoli with Sour Cream Sauce from Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast, but in my haste to get to bed last night, I moved the wrong meat to the fridge to thaw -- cube steak rather than boneless pork chops (in my defense, I had them both still in a grocery bag!). So, we improvised and had Tomato Gravy Steak.

Tomato Gravy Steak is a family recipe, and I have never, ever had it anywhere else. To make it, salt and pepper the cube steak, dredge in flour, then brown on both sides. Drain the grease from the frying pan, leaving a bit of drippings and add 2 cans of tomato soup (I know -- it sounds so weird). Put the cube steak back in the gravy, and let it cook until the meat is tender, around 45 minutes or so. Serve with rice. I usually also serve peas with this meal, but tonight we had broccoli -- it was what I had on hand!

Friday: White Chicken chili (recipe from a friend)

Saturday: Brad has a vegetable conference this weekend, so it will probably be leftovers for the kids and me.

Sunday: pizza using the Pioneer Woman's pizza crust

So, that's our menu if things go as planned -- which they haven't so far (as evidenced by tonight's last minute menu change!). Next week I will let you know if we had any hits or misses from this week's menu, but I have cooked everything on here before with the exception of the Pioneer Woman's pizza crust, so I feel pretty confident that things will go well...but that just may be the kiss of death!


Kelly said...

I love that your posting about your weekly menu and your being so generous by sharing your recipes and links! Thank you!

Katie recommended a menu/recipe/shopping list included website on her blog looks cool and I think I might sign-up for it. Thought you might be interested if you didn't see her posting.

Happy meal planning!

P.S. You look A-Mazing! You always have! But selfishly, I'd love for you to post how you got to your goal weight/size! I'm slowly trying to make some food choice changes - I have a ridiculous sweet tooth so I'm focusing on cutting out the sugar and sweet's not easy! And then curb the diet cokes completely...and hopefully get into an exercise routine. Easier said than done but I'd love to look like you!

Margaret said...

Okay, I'm jumping on the Menu Monday bandwagon (a.k.a. copying you, what I'm best at!! ha ha!!)--maybe we can get some recipe ideas from each other, too! See you in a little while! xo

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