Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Losing Some LBs.

I had a request to share with y'all how I lost weight last year. And, after the overindulging I did over Christmas (really since Halloween!), I figure I could use a refresher course, too.

I didn't do anything scientific. In fact, I failed big time at all diets that I tried -- Weight Watchers, South Beach, etc. I always, always cheated when I was on a diet, and I hated having some diet tell me what I could and couldn't eat or how much I could eat. I know that is how you lose weight, but I just couldn't ever follow the rules!

I finally found something that worked for me, so here is what I did...

1. I ate (still do) one of my smoothies for breakfast every morning, and I have a cup of regular coffee with Splenda and fat free half and half. Then I don't eat again until lunch.

2. For lunch, I kind of eat whatever. I don't really stress over what I eat during this meal, and it has to last me most of the day because I don't eat again until almost supper time. Sometimes it is leftovers from the night before, sometimes a sandwich, sometimes I go by Chick-fil-A. But, if I do that, I only get a sandwich and a water or diet lemonade -- no fries.

3. I do not snack in the afternoon until around 4 or later if I can stand it. I do have a snack, or else I would be stuffing my face the entire time I am cooking dinner. I usually try to eat something like the 100 calorie pack chocolate covered pretzels, or an energy bar, or sometimes some cheese and crackers.

4. For dinner, I usually cook something from skinnytaste.com, Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast, or just a meat and a veggie. I used to cook a big meal with at least one starch every night, but my kids don't really eat rice, and they don't like macaroni (there is something seriously wrong with them...), so I realized that I was just doing that for Brad and me. So, I stopped cooking starches altogether, and it made a huge difference. I also started doing a lot of the veggies that you steam in the microwaveable bag -- some of them can taste kind of watery (like the green beans), but they are quick, easy, and very healthy!

5. I walk. And walk. And walk. I do not believe in running. I don't live near a gym. I am on the outs with the elliptical machine. So, I walk. Outside. This weather lately has not been conducive to walking, and I can definitely tell a difference in my thighs -- and I am not talking in a good way -- so I am ready to get back out there!

6. Things I cut out: eating every 2 or so hours, eating dessert every night, drinking milk, weeknight wine/beer (and I try to cut back on the weekend, too), grazing at parties.

Mmmmm...I think that's it! I hope some of it is helpful. Like I said, nothing scientific, but it is what worked for me. Now I just have to get back at it!


I'maNolaGirl said...

Inspiring!!! I have got to commit to something. I needed this little boost to get me going!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing your success tips! I'm excited to check out the recipe sites you shared.

I definitely need to pay attention to how often I'm eating and what I'm choosing to eat (wow - that a shocking revelation). I also know I have to stop my candy addiction..which starts by not having it in the house - it's too easy to grab from the pantry.

I just need to make the commitment and stick to it. Maybe if I posted something on my blog - making it "public" - I would stick to it and hold myself more accountable. I'll think about it...in the meantime, wish me luck...I'm gonna need it!

And again, you look fantastic!

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